"I understand the value of cultural diversity. My career has circulated around a central theme: what is the core of where I came from, and where I am going with this knowledge? Through my experience, I’ve found that the intersection between you and me, us and them, and yesterday and tomorrow starts with us, right now."

I'm a creator, collaborator, and consultant.

I'm a woman on a mission to connect cultures, architect alignment, and honor heritage. I've dedicated my professional ventures to understanding the core of human connectivity.

I'm a creator, collaborator, and consultant.

I'm a woman on a mission to connect cultures, architect alignment, and honor heritage. I've dedicated my professional ventures to understanding the core of human connectivity.


Startups Supported


Years of Experience


Industry Partners

I build, connect, and believe in communities.

Venture Operator

Extensive experience in establishing, launching, and operating startups across the industry spectrum.

Coalition Building

Decades of aligning partners and entrepreneurs to grow impact-driven initiatives in the private sector space.

People Advocacy

Supported hundreds of immigrants in their relocation journey through partnerships and resources,

SPACE Architect.
Venture Builder.
Culture Bridge.

For 26 years, I've supported and led initiatives that drive communities forward, empower individuals to grow, and connect cultures, together.

2nd-Gen Vietnamese American
I founded Culture Series, a coalition of community that magnifies our similarities and amplifies our successes.
Woman. Mother. Daughter.
I believe intuitive guidance, empowered leadership, and compassionate communication are powerful tools.
Founder and Connective Strategist
I help to empower individuals &
entrepreneurs to creatively convene, collaborate, and create.

Highlights &

Linda Nguyen


Gala Committee, Asian Pacific Community Fund

Vice Chair, Asian Business Association - Los Angeles

Board Member, National Association of Asian American Professionals - OC 

Executive Director, Dalai Lama Library & Learning Center

Co-Executive Director, OC Drive

President-Elect, Asian Business Association - Orange County


Bracken’s Kitchen

Free Wheelchair Mission

Girls Inc.

Orange CountyGoodwill Orange County

Operation Be Kind

Orange County United Way


2021 Senator Tom Umberg Woman of Distinction

2019 Asian Business Association of Orange County Presidential Award

2019 Operation Be Kind Community Impact

2018 Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Orange County Ambassador of the Year

Projects Close to My Heart

I've collaborated with and supported empowering projects that lift and launch people and ideas.


Global Compassion
Executive Director

New York - 2019-Ongoing
$7MM Raised. Opening July 2023
An endeavor of compassion, the Dalai Lama Library & Learning Center is a project rooted in ancient roots that deserve to serve global impact. As Executive Director, I had the opportunity to support fundraising, awareness, marketing, project management, and partnership opportunities that elevated the project to launch adjacent in partnership with Cornell University, in the beautiful upstate New York enclave of Ithaca.

360 CLINIC -
VP, Community Relations

Anaheim, California - 2021
500k Tests Completed
A critical timeline at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic led to an ambitious project -launch a 10-lane drive-thru testing facility to serve one of the largest counties in California. The undertaking required me to rapidly (less than 2 weeks from idea to begin), connect corporate partners with international volunteer staffing firms to train thousands of volunteers to conduct hundreds of thousands of tests. We were able to successfully launch in 14 days and complete half a million tests to date.


Global - 2021
Developing, formulating, and launching a heritage-based Vietnamese shelf-stable pho line was a challenging endeavor. As COO, I led the project from conception to acquisition, and in the process, maintained the integrity of the venture as a line that celebrated the umami flavors of an ancient and authentic dish.

An invitation to a more inclusive life.
A platform to share and collaborate.
Invokes culture and community.
Honors innovation, heritage, and creation.


Whether you are creating a business or a community, we cultivate a creative circle of support that helps you birth your idea.


Working with others is the ultimate superpower for people to launch their ideas through community empowerment.


Supporting heritage-based organizations means sharing resources, investing in ideas, and establishing partnerships.

Visions and Values

Creating space for change.

Creating a table is the first step to taking a stand. Instead of asking for a seat at the table, we create a new one. In my profession and my personal life, I see that as building a bridge to a more unified, representative, and impactful world.

My philosophy.

We don’t just want a seat at the table. We want our voices to be heard, our experiences to impact our world, and our heritage to be honored. When we connect with openness, we align with integrity. When we cultivate communities, we influence intentional impact. When we create SPACE, we make room for each other.


Embrace the diversity and wisdom of cultural roots to align with our purposes.


Support and cultivate meaningful interactions that honor our heritage.


Create an empowering space that fosters connections, truth, and impact.



Support impactful collaborations that elevate cultures and level the playing field for all heritages.

I connect cultures and communities.


Through heritage-focused consulting work.


Through partnerships with leaders and change-makers.


Through give-back initiatives that empower regions.

Let’s create and connect.

I can support your company or community through contract or consulting relationships. Below, please feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, or LinkedIn.