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As an entrepreneur, Linda came into her first community leadership role in the Orange County business community as Board Member on the Board of Directors of the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce. The experience itself, which still continues today, led to her development as a keen business leader and advocate for the enrichment of her fellow Vietnamese American business owners and professionals.


As she built a valuable network of relationships and contacts within the Vietnamese American community and across the Orange County business community as a whole, more opportunities for her leadership development came to light. She took on an Ambassador role for the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and became an active participant in many other organizations and chambers of commerce at both the community and city level.

Linda’s community work has led her to her next great opportunity, as she currently serves as the President-Elect of the Asian Business Association of Orange County, and will assume it’s Presidency beginning late 2020. She will be tasked with leading the other respected business leaders and professionals who serve on her Board of Directors, and together will usher in a new decade of growth and prosperity for the Asian business community.

OC Drive

Linda currently serves as Co-Executive Director of OC Drive, an organization that prioritizes family and community. OC Drive believes that teaching children about community service gives them a feeling of empowerment. OC Drive also believes that family activities devoted to the act of giving are great ways to reinforce charitable values. By giving the value of charity a central role in the family dynamic, children will grow up with a healthy sense of compassion for other people and a strong charitable spirit.


Linda plays a central role in the planning, fundraising, and management of the organization and its charitable drives. Linda was instrumental during the formalization of OC Drive as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and laid the foundation for how OC Drive facilitates the realization of its vision.

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